Saturday, October 25, 2008

New things to learn... everywhere!

If you don't like learning new things then I really wouldn't recommend working at Readify! If you do, then it will really invigorate you.

Since starting here is a quick selection of some of what I've done

  • Shadowed a TFS MVP on engagements soaking up as much TFS goodness as possible

  • Installated TFS and showed customers how to use it

  • Presented modules on a .Net 3.5 course that was run by Paul Stovell

  • Architecture reviews / re-design

  • Ran a 2 day workshop on Sql Server Reporting Services

  • Presented a session at one of our free community events on WCF

  • Produced a WPF Proof of Concept for a customer

In the next month I'll be presenting the .Net 3.5 course, running a 2 day WCF workshop, and getting my hands dirty with some Silverlight. And if all goes to plan I'll be going on a SCRUM Master course.

SCRUM / agile methodologies have interested me since back in 2004 when my friend in the UK hired me to work on a SCRUM project at a big Investment Bank. The concepts really made sense to me in a ,"yeah - I knew something wasn't right on a lot of projects I worked on, but couldn't place why", way.

Going forward with Readify I'm hoping to be doing more of the same around training, building, but also moving towards introducing agile approaches to customers that want to adopt them.

Oh, and just because I mention the work SCRUM a lot, don't think I'm going to get into rugby.

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