Tuesday, May 17, 2005

30th birthday

Mine is fast approaching now (2nd July) and people are starting to ask me about what I'd like for it.

I always find it tricky to think up what I'd like. A few months ago I was after a Mac Mini but I've gone off that idea. I've read quite a few articles talking about the $$$ you need to bring them upto a 1/2 decent spec.

My wife put a great idea in my head the other week though - a Gibson Les Paul Standard edition. They aren't too expensive, they look beautiful and they sound very, very deep and mellow. I've got a big Fender Studio Pro 40 amp that I could chop in as-well to help finance it (I know it's my birthday but I'm not into mass expenditure!) My current electric guitar is a very old Fender Squire Strat copy. I bought it with my 1st student loan back in 1993 and it's showing every bit of that age (not in a way that good guitars age though).

BTW - colour would be either Gecko or Root Beer. I think.

Hmm, very very tempting!

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