Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My first entry

So then, I've finally succomed and started a blog!

I'm an IT Contractor based in London who is currently between contracts so I thought I'd blog a bit on my experiences in finding a job.

I've managed to line up a phone interview for some C#.Net work tomorrow morning so fingers crossed it all goes well. I've found it quite interesting looking at the market about the amount of advertisements which seem to amount to nothing.

And, to make it worse the snooker's finished. There's only so many times a man can search for jobs in a day! It's DVD time so I'm starting off with The Bourne Identity this afternoon!

Other than that, all I have to ask is does anyone know how to un-install sql express and C# express. I've tried uninstalling / using a little app that I fell upon but to no avail. The install now fails every time! Bugger. I can't fdisk either - my wife kills me every time I spend 1/2 day putting my laptop back together!

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