Friday, May 20, 2005

Smoking - the solution

How socially unacceptable is this habit. Last night at the Moby gig (Brixton Academy) I got sick to death of people blowing smoke in my face.

I propose a compulsory attachment to cigarettes which forces all smoke back into the lungs of the smoker. Lets see how many people carry on with that.

Also non-smoking areas in restaurants. What's the point. You're still only 5 metres from smokers.

And, even worse - the smokers who won't smoke when they are eating, but light up as soon as they've finished even though I, the non smoker, am sat on the next table - and then are really annoyed when you point this out to them and ask them to put it out. What a selfish race of people they are.

If you want to smoke then by all means do - just don't expect me to breathe your smoke in. You choose to smoke it, so you should have it all, to yourself... My gift to you. I'm kind like that.

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