Thursday, May 05, 2005

Windows Server 2003

I've just installed this. I've no experience of using this and was intrigued by IIS6.
I like the idea of things like Process Recycling. Something amuses me about the thought of an application which eats up memory. The conversation in the team goes like:

PM: So, we're chewing up 100Mb of memory every 5 minutes. Seems like we've got problems with our app. Any suggestions?

Dev 1: Yeah - let's get deep down into the app and look for memory leaks.

Dev 2: Yeah - give us a few weeks and we can work out why it's not working.

PM: No - let's use process recycling. Every 5 minutes we can tear down the application and let it restart. That'll give us all the memory we've eaten back.

Heh heh! I like it!

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